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"I think Dr Wilson is not only very committed but very talented and has a lot of insight not only in chiropractic care but in what people are experiencing and the pain they go through. And because of that it shows his worth.

At the time I didn't realize what kind of situation I was actually in. Before I saw Dr Wilson, I had gotten used to not feeling well. I had no idea it was related to my back. So Dr Wilson made me a priority in his office. He told me what to do and how to do it as well. As I followed his instructions I became much better.

My problem, however, will not entirely go away. I have a couple herniated discs, as well as other problems. But more importantly, Dr Wilson knows how to keep me healthy. He completely understands the nature of my condition and who I am as an individual. One doctor told me it would take a year, but Dr Wilson had me close to normal in less than half that time

Dr Wilson is dedicated, and everything he does, like ultrasound, massages, stretching, counseling, guidance, etc..., he does with passion. I can't tell you how much respect we have for him"


"I have been seeing Dr Wilson since 2004. I love his staff. I am very cautious with chiropractors. I have had a bad experience with one before I moved to this area. After seeing Dr Wilson for the first time, I could already feel a difference. A positive difference. I continued to see him regularly and he does wonders in putting me back together and keeping me that way.

He listens to what I have to say, then works on what my body needs. I really like that. I've had experiences with other chiropractors, you tell them and they just do what they want. Everyone who has worked there has been extremely personable. They remember your name, where you work, what you do.

It's not the stiff, cold doctor's office where they are cranky because they have to be there. I just feel like, when I go there, the whole office is for me. I am a human being and they're for me."


"I have been seeing Dr Wilson for over 16 years. I initially moved to Yorba Linda from Los Angeles county, so I wanted to find a chiropractor near my new home. When I interviewed East Canyon Chiropractic, all of my questions were answered in the fashion that I wanted.

I was very pleased the first time I saw Dr Wilson. He gave a thorough examination. I think it was about an hour long. He had me answer all these questions, he took a look at my spine, how I was bending, took x-rays. I find Dr Wilson has not only a professional touch, but a very gentle one too. Also, for the last 10 years I have been programming, bent over a computer all day long. As a result, I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr Wilson adjusts my wrists every time I go in, which provides tremendous relief. Dr Wilson adjusts all sorts of things. He addresses the whole body.

I have also been very pleased with the massage therapy at East Canyon Chiropractic. I see Stacey probably every 3 weeks. I think it makes Dr Wilson's job a little easier. I adjust better after a massage.

I would say that Dr Wilson and I share the same philosophy. That is, he is concerned about the body as a whole. He not only adjusts your back, but suggests certain exercises, eating properly, getting enough sleep, because all that is integrated into your overall health.

I think he is the best chiropractor I have ever had."


" I injured my lower back while on a business trip overseas. When I got back I could barely move. My wife had gone to Dr Wilson several months before regarding a back issue she had had. She said I should get my back checked because it could be spine related and not muscular.

I was pleasantly surprised how Dr Wilson immediately assessed the problem. He spent 30 minutes just going through all the movement exercises and finding where the pain points are. He correctly diagnosed that I had a bulge around a disc which was probably pinching on a nerve bundle. This caused leg pain that was severe. He knew exactly what needed to be done.

Just after 2 weeks I felt a change take place. The pain subsided. It really exceeded all my expectations. I didn't really think that spinal adjustments would literally take away the pain I was feeling. By following Dr Wilson's directions, I was able to avoid surgery.

I think the office environment is very nice. You get to know the people actually on a personal basis. It is very family oriented, They are extremely accommodating.

It's a great place. I am so glad I have found them. I am so glad my wife recommended I go there"


"I have been going to a chiropractor since I was 10 years old, mainly because I had epilespy. My father took me to a chiropractor in Santa Ana because he felt it was the last chance for me to get healed. I also developed polio when I was 16 so I continued to see a chiropractor because of curvature in my upper back.

I continue to see Dr Wilson because he keeps my body in synch so all kinds of other things don't start to happen. He usually uses traction for my upper back and adjusts my neck a special way because I broke my neck on the sixth vertebrae when I was 27 years old in a car accident.

I Like Dr Wilson, the whole staff are very kind. I feel very comfortable going there. They are all very concerned about meeting my specific needs. It's not like one approach fits all.

Some people have the idea that a chiropractor cracks or snaps your bones. That's not what it is at all. I've had 4 broken bones all in critical areas of my body, and thanks to Dr Wilson's treatments, I'am not crippled or hunched over. He simply keeps my body in the condition where I can work.

For me, mobility is very important to my life."


"I am a fitness trainer by profession and a fitness director for a local high end health club. I have been in fitness for decades. I am very familiar with the muscle structure and how everything moves together. I didn't tell Dr Wilson any of that in the beginning. I wanted to hear what he was going to say and how he was going to answer my questions. What was going to be his approach to my situation.

I liked that he still does "old school" manipulation. It's not like the modern day tables where they plug numbers in and the machine does all the work. He does a lot of it on feel and hands-on technique which made me feel like he really knows his stuff.

But what really won me over was 3-5 days after the treatment, I began to feel the positive effects of Dr Wilson's work. Bottom line- I got relief!"


"I have been seeing Dr Wilson for over 25 years. When he opened East Canyon Chiropractic in 1992 I was one of his first patients. I had been seeing him in Corona before that but decided I wanted to follow him to Yorba Linda.

Unfortunately, I have chronic low back pain and neck pain, mostly from prior injuries. I usually go for an appointment about once every month or so. I'll get an adjustment and get the relief I need.

I've got to say that East Canyon Chiropractic is the best office on the planet! I have never in 22 years had any problem in that office. That's hard for me to say, because I am very picky. All my kids see Dr Wilson, and my husband's a patient.

I can't tell you how many people I've referred to that office. For example, I am a teacher and the lady who teaches next to me lives in Long Beach. She had some hip pain and I said "you really need to go see Dr Wilson. She told me she felt she had to go see a regular doctor. I said go ahead, knowing she would get pain medication, but her problem would remain. She ended up seeing Dr Wilson and was eventually amazed with the results. Without drugs or physical therapy. And she is just one of many people I know Dr Wilson has helped.

I simply can't imagine East Canyon Chiropractic not being a part of my life."


"I started seeing Dr Wilson back in 2003. I had been diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis after an MRI exam. I was having problems with my hip area with pain going down my leg.

My regular doctor recommended a surgeon for my problem, and that I was a good candidate for surgery. I wanted to try something else and Dr Wilson has provided an alternative. That's what I really like about Dr Wilson, he sits down, he really cares, and he listens. And then we go from there.

My daughter is a patient and my granddaughter ia a patient. We all seem to have back problems, so it's a family affair!"


"I first saw Dr Wilson 3 years ago. I started having low back pain so bad I couldn't move. I would have to lay down on the floor for hours.

So we went first to see a spinal specialist. They sent me to physical therapy to strengthen my back muscles. But once I stopped the therapy, it started happening all over again. That's when I went to see Dr Wilson. He did en examination and took an x-ray, which showed I have sciatica and lumbar scoliosis.

The thing that was unbearable when I first saw Dr Wilson was the stabbing back pain. It was so bad that I couldn't bend down to tie my own shoes. After treatment, I haven't had that in quite a while.

Dr Wilson isn't your typical chiropractor, you know, that pops your back and sends you on your way. He spends time with you, like doing ultrasound on your neck or other areas that hurt. Recently, he used diathermy on my chest and sinuses to help relieve congestion I had from a cold. He gives you exercises to do at home and trains you so you don't hurt yourself again. He showed me how to bend the right way, which helps relieve the pressure on my back.

To me, he is way more than just a chiropractor."

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