Custom orthotics are specifically designed and made to fit your feet and provide functional support and comfort. They are made to specifically match the shape of your feet, and are designed to support your feet with all of your day to day activities, no matter how strenuous. We will conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your feet.

We work with a certified Pedorthist, Dr David Wedemeyer. He is the only chiropractor in the U.S. certified to dispense diabetic insoles and footwear for the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program. Additionally, he has helped countless patients providing AFO bracing, custom molded footwear, shoe modifications, gait analysis and retraining and physical medicine for local physicians patients. He is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and the International School of Pedorthics. His unique combination of skills has earned him the trust and support of many colleagues and local physicians who refer their patients for foot and ankle care.

A properly made set of foot orthotics can change your life, and reduce lower back pain.

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